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Inner Peace space

Nurturing Mind, Body & Health 

If enough people raise their consciousness and vibration to self love and celebration, we can restore love on this planet


Mindfulness, meditation and yoga can help reduce stress and make life feel more joyful and peaceful. Cultivating Peace, Joy, happiness, harmony, health, love and abundance is your birth right, meditation is the practice of focusing your attention to help you feel calm and give you a clear awareness about your life. Every choice has an energy frequency to it, this energy is high vibed or low vibed. Fear, anger, guilt, shame, defeat, worry are low vibed energy. Love, peace, joy, enlightenment, fun, play are high vibed energy. Playfulness, give yourself permission to bring positives changes in your life.


Check if you're holding onto limiting beliefs:

You don’t feel like you’re able to express yourself authentically

You often have a lot of self-doubt or anxiety-producing mind chatter going on.

You feel stuck, and have not been able to move forward for a long time. It feels hopeless.

You often judge yourself or others.

You often want to control the outcome and control others.

It’s as if you’ve drawn a thick-walled circle around yourself and you’re not able to see any other perspectives beyond that circle. Yet beyond the circle, is a more freeing, expansive and holistic perspective that can help you to move forward. Give yourself room to open.


Pranayama is a Sanskrit word which literally translates into “extension of the prana or breath”. ‘Prana’ means life-force and it is the life-force or vital energy that pervades the body. Prana is the link between mind and consciousness. The physical manifestation of “prana’ is breath and ”ayama” means to extent or draw out the breath. Benefits of Pranayama:

Pranayama techniques are beneficial in treating a range of stress related disorder.

Pranayama improves the autonomic functions.

It helps relieving the symptoms of asthma.

It reduces the signs of oxidative stress in the body.

Practicing pranayama everyday can assist in steady mind, strong will power and sound judgement.

Conscious breathing can extend life and enhance ones perception of life. Number of studies show that pranayama causes change in the cardio respiratory system including lowering of blood pressure

Certain pranayama’s are excellent for weight loss.


Your chakras are focal points of energy on your body. When your energy field is healthy, your chakras spin gently in the correct direction, moving energy in and out between your personal energy field and the larger unified energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates everything in the universe. When unexpressed emotions or traumas get stuck in your body, they create blockages in your chakras and your energy flow gets crippled.

Spiritual progress requires a clear energy field, so working on clearing your chakras is a necessary step on the path to the light. You can spend more time in nature, begin to release deep emotional truths, or visit an energy healer to start clearing those blocks in your chakras.

Every choice has an energy frequency to it this energy is high vibed or low vibed. Fear, anger, guilt, shame, defeat, worry are low vibed energy.

Love, peace, joy, enlightenment, fun, play are high vibed energy. Try on the energy you wish to be in the Now.

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Our overall well being, confidence and self esteem are influenced by our inner child. A simple and powerful inner child therapy can help in improving your health and wellbeing.

Healing the inner child is a great way to re-connect to some of your childhood memories and bring them to the forefront of your mind. Inner child work will help you to connect with various aspects of yourself on a deep and very profound level, healing the child that dwells within you. Inner child work is the process of contacting, understanding, embracing and healing your inner child, it contains your capacity to experience wonder, joy, innocence, sensitivity and playfulness. Inner child guided meditation or a hypnosis to meet the inner child.


 we practice mindfulness and meditation , when we learn to notice thoughts without getting carried by their content, and when we learn to sit with pain or discomfort, we practicing letting go. Most clients who come to see me are holding firmly onto something—their story, their fears, losses, expectations, relationships, or possessions—even when these things cause them pain and suffering. We all tend to hold those things and more. Learning to let go can be an act of release and healing.

To let go does not mean to get rid of. To let go means to let be. When we let be with compassion, things come and go on their own.” –Jack Kornfield


Do you journal each night or otherwise express your emotions daily?

Do you get outside at least once a day?

Do you have a regular meditation practice?

Do you get good, restful sleep on a regular schedule?

Do you eat well and get moderate amounts of exercise?

Do you avoid darkness, including addictive substances and negative people?

Do you cultivate love in your life through healthy relationships—with pets or friends and family?

Do you generally forgive yourself for and learn from your mistakes?

Are you able to forgive others?

Have you identified your spirit guides and know how to connect to them?

Do you know where your chakras are and how to determine if they are spinning correctly

Have you attended an energy healing course or workshop?


 and self compassion focused therapy. Compassionate kind, gentle and understanding with our self has a tremendous effect on our well-being, including diminished anxiety and depression, better emotional coping and compassion for others.

Realising that you’re not alone in your struggles. When we’re struggling, we tend to feel especially isolated. We think we’re the only ones to experience loss, make mistakes, feel rejected or fail. But it’s these very struggles that are part of our shared experience as humans.

Observing life as it is, without being judgemental or suppressing our feelings. Self-compassion, or the ability to be as accepting and loving of the self as of others, may help strengthen mental well-being and lead to personal growth.

I work with individuals who are ready to invest in making positive changes in their overall self-care in order to become their healthiest, sanest, happiest selves. Chances are I know exactly where you’re coming from.... and, I know how to help you.

Soulful intuitive life coach and therapy in Harley Street W1 

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