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Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.” 

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Let’s Get Well, Stay Well, Live Well, and Change Our ​Lives Together!

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Wellness coaching - Hypnotherapy, Life coaching- Anxiety - Stress-Depression -Insomnia Coaching-Weight Issues --Stopping Smoking-Addictions-Fears and Phobias - Healing Childhood Trauma- Self Esteem - Panic attacks-Life Coaching-Self love & mindfulness-Relationship problems-Coping with change, Overcoming blocks-Needing extra support-Higher Self Hypnosis' Sessions - Exploring spirituality. My office is a place where you will be seen, heard, and respected as you face whatever struggle you are rumbling with at this time. You will have specialised support to do the work to experience more hope, Inner Peace a greater sense of self awareness and self compassion.

Here To Help

In our work together, you will find a safe space to be honest about your struggles. I respect the courage it takes to reach out and ask for help and in return I offer empathic, specialised, and collaborative care. Whether you are struggling with issues or pain , I am committed to working with you to confront the challenges in your life while navigating the pain and joy of the healing process. We will work together to identify the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that are keeping you stuck, and explore ways to help you live with authenticity and freedom....

I Look forward meeting you!


Do you want to identify and explore what you want from life?

Through a combination of techniques and tools we will identify and explore what you want in life, and what has been holding you back, and knock through those barriers. I will help you to uncover opportunities, hopes and dreams, values, strengths, beliefs, habits, and attitudes, and support you in finding a way forward, through a process of change, customised for you. I promise to acknowledge and celebrate your achievements, give you my support, and help you stay focused and motivated throughout your journey of transformation, as you realise your potential and achieve your personal goals.

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