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Mindfulness at Schools

Inner Peace Mindfulness & Meditation for Schools

Mindfulness and meditation support learning and concentration. They help both children and adults to manage mood and stress levels and to develop emotional resilience and empathy. Practising mindfulness can positively influence how well we do in exams, performances and sport. Learning to become more mindful allows us to make better choices in each moment, choosing to respond rather than react and can contribute to a more friendly and focused atmosphere in school.


Inner Peace in Schools

Inner Peace in Schools is a school based programme that introduces mindfulness and meditation to students and staff. It is delivered in weekly sessions to individual classes over 6 – 8 weeks. This can be for the whole school or particular year groups in primary and secondary schools and sixth form colleges. 


Mindfulness and Meditation Training for Teachers

Through training in mindfulness and the skills to pass that on, you can bring qualities of calm, clarity, kindness and compassion into your school environment. Inner Peace in Schools Training for Teachers enables you to become your school’s mindfulness and meditation mentor or coach. It will enable you to deliver the classroom-based student course at primary and secondary level as well as supporting you in the integration of the practices of mindfulness and meditation into your school routine and culture. 

Mindfulness and Meditation Classes for Children

Inner Peace in Schools

What is Inner Peace in Schools?

Inner Peace in Schools is a Mindfulness and Meditation programme which introduces the practice of mindfulness and meditation to students and staff as part of a daily or weekly routine. The key element is breath work and  relaxation,  a mindfulness and  meditation where we pay attention primarily to our body and our breathing.

Mindfulness is awareness or paying attention in the moment. We can learn to become more aware of our body, thoughts and emotions, and of other people and the world around us. Meditation is a way of cultivating more awareness and is shown to aid development of emotional, cognitive and social skills that support effective learning, positive behaviour and general well-being.

The meditations taught are suitable for all whatever their faith background.

Who is the programme for?

This programme is for students of all ages and for the staff who work with them. It can be delivered to a whole school or individual year group. It is also ideal for those who are preparing for exams, need extra support in terms of learning and behaviour or who are preparing for transition to a new situation.

What are the benefits of meditation?

Meditation is an age-old method which helps people to develop calmness, clarity and positivity. Regular short meditations can help children and adults to:


Reduce stress levels

Concentrate better

Learn and work more effectively

Develop emotional resilience

Improve self-awareness and empathy

Work together more co-operatively

Expand skills and creativity.

Why learn to be mindful and meditate in school?

Meditation provides a still pause and some positive silence in the fullness of a school day. Becoming more mindful allows both children and adults to make better choices in each moment. We can choose to respond rather than react. All this not only benefits the individual, but can contribute to a more friendly and focused atmosphere in school.

What does the programme look like?

This varies as the programme can be designed to suit your requirements. Typically, we deliver weekly sessions (30 - 60 minutes) to each group involved over a 6 - 8 week period preceded by a staff training workshop. 

What students say:

"My mind is much calmer and I'm able to concentrate on my GCSE exams better' 

- Year 11 student 

"I feel things to really effect me and I respond better rather than react"

- Year 9 student

For any enquires about the Schools programme, please contact us [email protected]

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