I am blessed to be connected to Khatira and the infinite knowledge she shares  in finding your inner light. She is a lightwkrker. Nothing else needs to be said. She is a true testimony of someone that has gone through the darkness to find their truth. Her sessions are guided by gentle care, love and intuitive understanding. Through my own healing process she has been a pivotal influence for deeper understanding of my higher self. I am so grateful to continue to learn from her loving and peaceful nature . 


Thank you Khatira for the amazing experience, I loved it! At first I really didn't know what I would experience, but it was lovely and I would do it all over again. Everyone around me noticed me being different in a good way. I started speaking less, I started to hear better and I am more gentle now than before. Thank you for the answers that I got from myself that you helped me with it. I now know what to do with myself. I thank God to have you in my life. You are honestly an angel and I love you so much.     

HAJAR.H  - Netherlands

My life changed radically in the last few years, I have been experiencing huge emotional challenges. Khatira gave me strength when I needed it most, she helped me not just to recover myself but to rise and find myself. I am grateful that I have Khatira in my life and she will always be part of the peaceful and joyful life that I am creating everyday. 

N. Sikander  - U.K

Whenever I feel confused or emotionally weak, Khatira always knows how to help me out, she has a lot of devotion for her work and does her sessions with so much love and compassion. She taught me how to go within and how to heal myself. We practiced meditation together and different healing techniques. I am very blessed to have Khatira in my life.

Arwa Khanafer  - Netherlands 

In my session today, I went into the most amazing conversation with my subconscious mind or my higher self today. I had all my questions ready and all of them were answered. I feel so relieved and have released so much negativity that I was carrying with me for so long, which was exhausting but one conversation with my higher self allowed me to understand and see the truth and feel so much love and joy. I am so grateful!

 Grace  - London 

My therapy session with Khatira was a very unique moment in my life. I learnt things about myself and my relationships that I didn't know before. I now have a clearer sense of how I can improve my life overall. I feel like since the session I've been more conscious of my emotions and how to feel them instead of suppressing them and then let them go. I truly recommend childhood trauma across life regression to anyone who feels that they have emotions that they find challenging to deal with. 

 DIANA. S  - London 

After having my second session with Khatira I can say that she has a truly amazing gift. She is loving compassionate and organised with a positive outlook. The sessions provided lots of positive reinforcement and framework to help me identify the changes I want to make. I would highly recommend Khatira as both a life coach and therapist to anyone who is looking to improve their life.

  N.Abdulsattar - London 

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